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With years’ of experience in the education sector, Caversham Marketing can help your organisation communicate effectively with its key audiences, whether that is prospective or existing students, parents or local businesses.

We specialise in helping schools and colleges to achieve their marketing goals; highlighting strengths and differences of your organisation, attracting different types of students, increasing enquiries and improving enrolment conversion rates throughout the enrolment and admissions cycle are all part of the mix.

And don’t forget your other audiences! Your marketing should engage a much wider audience who are all making impressions and building perceptions about your organisation. Your strategy should include your local community, industry bodies, your alumni, partner organisations and especially your staff team as they are your most valuable advocates.

The marketing audit is a fundamental part of the marketing planning and review process. A Marketing Audit includes a complete review of all aspects of your organisation’s marketing, enquiry generation and admission activities.

The benefits of an audit can be significant; leading to a real reduction in marketing cost, an increase in enquiries and leads, improvements in conversion rates and increased brand profile for the school.

The scope of each audit is tailored to the organisation and requirements, but typically includes:

Choosing the right school or selecting post 16 education options can be emotional and stressful. Prospective parents or students may have an idea about your reputation, but inevitably they turn to your marketing channels for insight and answers to what can be a large shopping list of questions.

Considerations might include academic results, pastoral support, religious ties, leadership, location, special needs support, an emphasis on sports, music or the arts, boarding options, how the school ‘feels’ and many more.

Your proposition should define your answers to most of these questions, demonstrating what makes you different and highlighting your strengths. After that the process can be fairly prescriptive –visit the web site, download or request the prospectus, and then visit the school or attend an open day.

We make sure that each of these elements has a consistency and clarity of purpose so the decision making process to join your school or college is an easy one.

A brand is much more than a logo. Every school or college is a brand in its own right. Your brand is who you are how others perceive you, how you operate and communicate and the reputation you build.

We work with you to ensure that what makes your organisation special is captured in your brand and then applied consistently across your customer touch points.


The school visit is probably when most parents or prospective students make their decision, but all touchpoints will shape perceptions before a visit, or at worst, prevent prospects from making that visit at all.

How you get people to commit to attending an open day at key times in your recruitment cycle is a key role of the marketing strategy.

Where and how you market, the key messages you deliver and the future you promise your learners is integral to their decision to attend.

Often the first point of reference for a parent or prospective student when considering a school or college will be your prospectus.

First impressions count, so what does your prospectus say about your school or college? Is it time for a refresh?

Your school website is more than just a presence online or a portal for information; it’s your shop window. It’s where prospective and current parents will form opinions about your school.

It needs to convey who you are, what you are about and what your organisation stands for in an easy to find way.

Prospective parents and students need to be able to find answers to their questions easily and be able to aspire by becoming part of your story.

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