T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Business owners were stirring and clicking their mouse.

Paid ads were uploaded to Google with care,
In the hope that new enquiries would soon be there.

The children were scrolling TikTok in their beds,
With endless new influencers stored in their heads.

Will you sit at your desk, a nightcap in hand,
Wishing you were able to generate more demand?

When out of the chatbot there arises such chatter,
As owners they click to see what is the matter.

What to their wondering eyes should appear?
But more leads, organic traffic, and festive sales to cheer!

But, with inbound leads growing, click after click,
Will you nurture comms handle these new clients quick?

More rapid that eagles the enquiries came,
From the work on your channels, call them by name:

“Now Google, now Meta, Insta, and SEO!
newsletter, blog posts, events and video!

To the top of the SERPS! To the top of them all,
Now rank away! Rank away! Rank away all!

Into the pipeline the opportunities flew,
Chasing a sleigh-full of deals, come the customers too.

And then, in a twinkling, twas heard on the wires
Some cracking PR stories to read by the fire

As they draw in a breath at all that is inbound
Remember, it’s not down the chimney where these new clients are found

Not from a man dressed in fur, from his head to his foot,
Don’t trust someone in clothes tarnished with ashes and soot

But a man with a bundle of tricks in his pocket
Like a locksmith of business, that knows now to unlock it

His eyes -how they twinkle! His ideas so quick,
His words are like magnets, making new clients stick

Good content he draws up like a bow
Engaging headlines , strong paras they strike like an arrow

Good content, it’s said, is like a conversation with friends,
Help them see themselves in it and the engagement won’t end

Tell them the truth – even if it’s smelly
Tell a joke that’s so good, they wobble like jelly.

So take up the reins, don’t leave it to elves
Post something soon, in spite of yourself

In the blink of an eye and a meeting of heads
Soon you will see you have nothing to dread;

Take a few words that speak of your good deeds at work,
Create a smooth customer journey, not one riddled with jerks

And if you’re laying there in your bed Christmas night,
Don’t start the New Year alone, sweating with fright

If you really are stuck, you can Chat G B T it
But take out the ‘z’s before everyone sees it.

And if you’re letting this poem sit in your head, free from rent,
Next year ask Caversham Marketing to do your content…

Merry Christmas

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